Round-up: Vladivostok nach Harbin

Round-up: Vladivostok nach Harbin

Es gibt drei bekannte Wege, für Trans-Sib Reisende, um von Russland nach China zu gelangen:

  1. Die Trans-Mongolian Strecke (ueber die Mongolei, Ulan Bator) nach Beijing,
  2. Abzweigung Chita nach Harbin (weit vor Vladivostok),
  3. Vladivostok nach Harbin.

Wir nehmen die Variante 3, die auch die ungemütlichste ist.Es gibt zwei mehr oder weniger bekannte Wege um den Grenzübertritt zu machen:

  1. Zug
  2. Bus

Zug: Fährt 2 mal die Woche und dauert rund 35 Stunden für die knapp 750km. Kostet auch “nur” €85.

Bus: Angeblich gibts einen Bus von Vladivostok nach Harbin. Anbieter:

Folgende Infos dazu haben wir gefunden:

Reportedly there will be a bus operating between the two and a ticket from Vladivostok will cost 1600 rubles. (June 2006 about 60 USD). Service supposedly will be provided on the Russian side by Primoravtotrans, Tel.: +7 (4232) 45 03 93 but their website which is entirely in Russian only indicates travel for Russian tourists on trips to China, not transit passengers traveling on their own.

Until there is more information about the through bus, Dalintourist travel agency in Vladivostok indicates that there is a Bus that leaves daily, except Sundays. It leaves from railway station around 04:30 a.m. and arrives at Suifenhe at 08:00 a.m. Their Chinese partners can help with arrangement within China territory. Price is 58 USD per person. I believe that there is also a daily train operating between Harbin and Suifenhe. Quelle: [2]

basically, 750 km, one way ticket is RMB420, travel time – 12 hrs. initially, two morning buses (one – via Suifenhe and one – via Dunnin). all immigration formalities are completed in the city of depature. the number of buses will be adjusted based on demand.


Weitere – up to date – Informationen, wie immer, in unserem Wiki:

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